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My "Deadly dozen" 

Any of the flies listed below can be purchased from the store.

flyfishingthings.com/box of fliesWhat can one say about trout flies except that there are millions of patterns?  The purpose of this page is to narrow your choice to patterns that I have used fishing in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.  These patterns have demonstrated their fish catching effectiveness over the years.  I know there is going to be disagreement about the selection, but what the heck.  The only person I know that knows everthing about everything is GOD.  Every time I go fishing, HE goes with me, and HE has never said anything to me about my choice of flies.  HE's the only person I listen to anyway, sho here's my list.

These patterns I never want to be without.  Tie in a quantitiy of at least three each.

With this repertoire of fly pattern's you can fish any where, any time, any hatch, and catch fish.  That is not to say I have never been skunked. I have,...but only once.

Dry fly Box

Wet fly and nymph box

Streamers and leech pattern box

My Go To Fly.



Adams size 14


Renegade size 14,12,10

Universal size 8 

I couldn't find an example of the fly on the internet, so I'm going to take a picture of one from my box and post it here.

flyfishingthings.com/rio grande king trude



Finally, if I had to choose only one pattern to fish with; (either a lake or stream), it would be the Rio Grande King Trude; size 14. It is without a doubt the most versatile fly I have ever fished. This is my go to fly.  You can fish it dry or wet; both as a small streamer or as a nymph.  


flyfishingthings.com/green drake

Green drake size 14,12

flyfishingthings.com/gray_Ugly fly 

Grey Ugly or QT size 14

flyfishingthings.com/olive wollybugger

Wollybugger Olive, Brown size 8

flyfishingthings.com/blue wing olive

Blue Wing Olive size 16,18,20

flyfishingthings.com/half back

Halfback size 14, 12, 10


Clouser Minnow white-chartreuse size 8


Pale Morning Dun PMD size 16


Scud Olive, Pink,Amber, size 16, 14

flyfishingthings.com/platte river special

Platte River Special size 6.4,

flyfishingthings.com/light cahill

Light Cahill size 14

red fox squirrel nymph 

RFSN (Red Fox Squirrel Nymph) size 14


Humpy size 14,12

flyfishingthings.com/hares ear

Olive hare's ear size 14

flyfishingthings.com/elk hair caddis

Elk Hair caddis size 16, 14

flyfishingthings.com/caddis pupa

Caddis Pupa tan, Olive, size 16,14,12

flyfishingthings.com/red ant

Cinnamon ant size 18,16

flyfishingthings.com/pheasant tail

Pheasant tail size 20,18

flyfishingthings.com/joe's hopper

Joe's Hopper size 10

flyfishingthings.com/midge pupa

Chironomid midge pupa, red,olive, size 16,14,12

flyfishingthings.com/midge emerger

Midge emerger size 20,18

flyfishingthings.com/midge larva

Midge larva, black,dark olive, brown, cream. size 20,18

flyfishingthings.com/creme midge

Midge dry, cream, size 20

flyfishingthings.com/light cahill wet

Light Cahill wet, size 16,14

flyfishingthings.com/griffiths knat

Griffiths knat, size 20

flyfishingthings.com/yellow stone

Yellow Stone size 6,8

  flyfishingthings.com/callibaetis nymph

Callibaetis Nymph




damsel fly

Damsel fly nymph. Olive, tan, size 8



Crane fly larva. Olive, tan, dark olive. size 2,4,6,8,

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