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Western trout fishing.

flyfishingthings.com/Colorado fly fishing guide bookDeciding when and where to go to fly-fishing really depends on the time of the year; and what type of hatch is happening on a particular body of water.  A Fishing Guide book like the one shown here (that you can purchase from the local bookstore), is one great resource on lakes and streams to fly fish in your local area. It lists all the the lakes and streams; plus there are maps or directions on how to get to each. It will also tell you what species of fish are in a particular lake or stream, and suggest fly patterns that work on those waters.

Listening to w
ord of mouth, and/or asking for information at your local Fly shop would be another way to gain information.. 

Although I've fly-fished all over the west, I’ve done most of my fly fishing in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. For that reason, I’m going to list the streams, and lakes I have personally fished many times over the years.  Lakes and streams that I KNOW are wonderful and rewarding places to fly fish. These areas I'm suggesting , not only produce lots of fish, but also trophy trout. 

 If your just getting into fly-fishing, I recommend you t
ry lake fishing first before stream fishing.  There are two reasons for this suggestion.  The first and most important is you can practice and perfect your fly-casting and line control.  You won't have to deal with fast flowing water which can play havoc with line slack. And two, lake fishing tends to be more leisurely and easier ( less exhausting) than stream fishing. 

  My favorite streams and rivers.

Streams: (all public water)

flyfishingthings.com/s. platte below spinney mt reservoirThe South Platte between Spinney Mountain reservoir and Eleven Mile reservoir. Note: you must be able to cast in the wind if you're going to fish this stream.  Click here to get local information





flyfishingthings.com/South Platte at Deckers The South Platte at Decker’s.  One of the toughest streams you’ll ever fish.  This stream is loaded with fish, however the fish are very, very “educated”. Check out my Tip’s and Secrets page on how to fish this stream and catch lots of fish—any time!

flyfishingthings.com/Treasure Island north platte river saratoga wyomingThe  “Treasure Island” section on the North Platte between Encampment and Saratoga Wyoming. This is a classic western trout stream,and my all time favorite river to fish.  Be sure and take your camera. Click here to get local information

flyfishingthings.com/miricle mile n. platte central wyomingThe Miracle Mile on the North Platte in Wyoming.  It’s not named the “Miracle Mile” for nothing.  Catch the biggest brown of your life in this river.  November + Miracle Mile = Big Browns.  Click here to get local information.

flyfishingthings.com/Big horn river ft. smith montanaThe Big Horn River below Yellow Tail Dam at Fort Smith Montana.  A fantastic river!  The hatches on this river are incredible.  Click here for local information.

flyfishingthings.com/the green river below flaming gorge utahThe Green river below the Flaming Gorge dam in Utah. A fantastic tail water fishery. Click here for local information.

flyfishingthings.com/the san juan river north new mexicoThe San Juan River in Northern New Mexico. Another great tail water fishery. Be sure to take San Juan worm flies with you. Click here for local information.

These are just some of my personal favorites. There are many, many fantastic rivers and streams all over the west that offer great fly fishing.

 Note: Small “brookie” streams are a blast to fish. Pick the right stream, and you can expect to catch a hundred fish or more, in one outing—all on dry flies!

 My favorite lakes:(all public water) All these lakes are great trout fisheries.  You can expect to catch a trophy trout in any one of them.


flyfishingthings.com/Delaney Buttes North Lake Walden ColoradoDelaney Buttes in North Park Colorado, west of Walden; a consistent fish producer over the years. Click here for local information.

flyfishingthings.com/Spinney mountain reservoir south park coloradoSpinney Mountain Reservoir, South Park Colorado. From May to Mid July this reservoir is hard to beat. Click here for local information.

flyfishingthings.com/Antero Reservoir south park coloradoAntero Reservoir South Part Colorado. From May to Mid June. The fish growth is this reservoir is phenomenal. Click here for local information.

flyfishingthings.com/diamond lake new Larime wyomingDiamond Lake west of Laramie Wyoming.  4th of July is prime. Click here for local information.

flyfishingthings.com/Afterbay-bighorn river ft. smith montanaThe “After Bay” below Yellow Tail dam on the Big Horn River at FortSmith,Montana.   Catch trophy trout all day long.
Click here for local information.