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Retail stores refer to the combination of a fly rod, reel, and line as an “outfit.” The dictionary defines outfit as: “(1) Clothing or equipment for a special purpose” or (2) “an association of persons that work together”. So they got it right in calling it an outfit right from the get-go. The point is, buying an outfit over buying each item individually can save money. That’s kind of a good idea because we all want to save money wherever we can. The question then becomes, are we getting an equal level of value by buy an outfit because we compromised to save money? I think you are. Here’s why.

First. The store has statistically data that shows which fly-fishing rods consistently sell over the years. So you get a fly rod that is a tried, tested, and proven commodity.

 Second, the manufactures know which reels are best matched to a particular rod and pass that information alone to the store. Therefore, in the outfit, you get a properly matched reel to the rod.

Third, the store knows your going to need a fly-line and leader on the reel, so, for the sake of convenience, they spool the line, leader, (and backing) on the reel for you. They might even ask you if you have a preference for a particular type of line; i.e. level line, double taper, shooting head, etc.

And Forth, because you buy the “outfit”, you end up spending more money in one place at one time. The store encourages that behavior buying discounting the individual items in the whole package to pass the saving along to you. What we have here is a win, win, win situation.

When choosing the outfit; you’ll still need to consider what the best type (slow, medium or fast action) of fly-fishing rod that will suit the style of fishing you’re going to be doing?.Reading the fly-fishing rods page on this website should give you enough information to confidently make that decision.

So, with out further ado; I’ve listed below examples of fly-fishing outfits to give you a hint of what’s available, and the prices they’re selling for. By checking for the individual items on my fly rod and or fly-reel pages, or going directly to the manufactures website you should be able to conclude whether there is indeed money to be saved.

Note:Prices shown are subject to change and may not reflect the actual price at the time of purchase.

Cost $149 to $159.  flyfishingthings.com/Cabelas prestige outfitsThe ultimate ready-to-fish combos. From the completely redesigned Prestige rod and reel to the high-quality flies and accessories, these fly-fishing outfits are an exceptional value. The moderate/fast-action rods cast efficiently for a wide range of skill levels. We've updated the rods' cosmetics to match their upper-echelon performance by adding handsome, wood reel seats with up-locking rings (8-wt. rods have aluminum reel seats and fighting butt). The die-cast aluminum reels now have a large arbor for faster line retrieval. Quickly adjust the smooth disc drag using the large side knob. Reels come pre-spooled for left-hand retrieve with backing, Scientific Anglers Headstart fly line and leader (includes two). Can be converted from left- to right-hand retrieve. Combos include two-dozen Umpqua flies, fly box, chest pack, leader straightener, nippers with retractor, forceps with retractor, Umpqua fly floatant, strike indicators, split shot, a rod and reel case, and an instructional DVD. 

flyfishingthings.com/cabelas wind river outfitCost Around $100.  These Wind River Outfits are perfect for anyone who wants to start fly-fishing using a top-quality combo that is ready to fish. All you have to do is tie on a fly and start casting. The moderate/fast action of the 34 million-modulus IM6 graphite produces accurate, yet forgiving casts. An aluminum real seat and cocobolo wood insert combine for a touch of style. The Three Forks Reel sports a large arbor design and has a high-density graphite construction that reduces weight while maintaining strength. The Rulon disc drag has a large range of smooth braking power and the knurled drag knob makes drag adjusts easy. It conveniently converts from left-hand retrieve to right-hand retrieve. A weight-forward floating fly line is pre-spooled on the reel with backing and a tapered leader, making the Wind River Outfits ready to fish. Also included is a rod storage bag. All combos are spooled for left-handed retrieve.

flyfishingthings.com/Cabelas red Fly outfitCost $199 to $249. The lightweight Red.Fly2 possesses three of the most important qualities fly casters look for in a versatile rod – strength, accuracy and sensitivity. The blank is constructed of high-modulus graphite that gives it a fast action to fire long casts to distant pocket water. The fine wood reel seat with titanium-colored reel seat accents add a touch of style to the freshwater offerings, while the saltwater rods are enhanced with an anodized-aluminum reel seat for added corrosion resistance. Caramel-colored blank is paired with aluminum-oxide striping guides and a AAA-grade cork handle. Outfit includes rod, Red.Fly2 reel, 100 yds. of backing, matching Rio Mainstream weight-forward fly line, leader and a Cordura® nylon travel rod/reel case to store it all in.

flyfishingthings.com/Orvis hydros 865.jpgOrvis Hydros 865. Cost $675. Images depict the "style" of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length. The newest fly rod and reel combo in the Orvis line, the Hydros combines the finest graphite technology that Orvis has to offer with a price that is guaranteed to make you smile. These incredibly lightweight and accurate fly rod combos come with the Battenkill Mid Arbor reel complete with backing and line. Cordura® tube with zipper closure and internal dividers.  8' 6", 4-piece, Mid-Flex fly rod for 5-wt. line.

flyfishingthings.com/tls power matrix orvis.jpgOrvis TLS power matrix trout outfit. Cost $575. 8' 6", 4 piece, Mid Flex 7.0 trout fly rod for 5 weight line, 3 oz.  A great value, travel version of our most popular fly rod's line weight, length, and flex for casting ease and power, and the widest range of freshwater fishing conditions. Your TLS outfit comes with a Battenkill Mid Arbor III reel fully rigged with backing and Silver Label line. All in a great Safe Passage Case that protects and transports your outfit easily. Great carry-on for planes. Woven graphite fly fishing reel insert, anodized aluminum hardware. High-strain, high-impact graphite for power and accuracy.  New thermoplastic-enriched thermoset-resin/scrim matrix (same as T3 Fly Rod) for power and durability.  Proven TLS compound tapers. Durable aluminum oxide stripping guide, chrome snake guides and tiptop. Durable protective finish. Fly rod has AA grade cork grip. Hard fly rod case covered in high denier nylon with nylon-lined internal dividers. 25-year guarantee to repair or replace fly rod

flyfishingthings.com/Templefork NXT 4-5Templefork TF NXT 4/5. Cost $199.  4/5 Wt. 8'-6" 4 IM6 Graphite Rod w/ Composite Cork Handle Cast Aluminum Fly Reel, Backing, Weight Forward Fly Line, & Tapered Leader