Fly Fishing Things

The Fly Fishing Experience.

The Beauty and Solitude of Fly-fishing.

How does one reply when asked, "Why do you love fly-fishing so much?"  When contemplated, it is a question not easily answered.  Like most fly-fisherman, my love for the art is the rule, and not the exception.  Boring someone with a lot of theosophical mumbo-jumbo, and platitudes about fly-fishing is not the goal here. This page is for every kindred spirit that has stood beside the flowing waters with rod in hand in anticipation of the hook up; knowing that even if you don't catch a fish, it is the experience and the memories that will be with you for as long as you live. It is the experience that permeates the soul, and like God you want to posses it forever.  I've chosen these pictures because they illustrate the fly-fishing experience. 

 It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.   These pictures speak volumes.

beauty and solitude.jpg Solitude
colorado solitude Contemplation
fishing high mt lake Anticipation
flyfishing and companionship Joy
/Flyfishing and companionship2. Sweet Memories
the passion Passion
joy Accomplishment
winter fishing colorado Wonder
fall-fly-fishing beautiful pic Beauty
triple hook up Thrill
montana flyfishing black and white Contentment
colo high mt lake.jpg Peace