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Here's your chance to get posted on this site.  Send me a photo with the story behind the photo and if deemed appropriate I will post it on this page. I'll even include a link back to your site it you have one.  .jpg, png formats please and 300 by 500 px. in size.  Photos don't have to be about fish, they can be about anything that is relative to fly fishing. Discriptions should be 100 words or less.


hugh jack caught by Ross Welsing.  Flyfishingthings.com 

 Ross Welsing of Denver, Colorado, sporting a 40lb Jack, caught while on a trip to the Saychell islands.  "This fish just about tore my arm off.  They are so freaking strong!"  A very memebrable trip.  Caught on a 9 weight Sage rod with a blue and white lefty deceiver.

rainbow from Spinny Mountain. flyfishingthings.com

Steve Gardner with another average rainbow from Spinny Moutain Reservoir in Colorado.

big carp.  flyfishingthings.com

Ross Welsing of Denver, Colorado, holding a 20lb carp from Eleven Mile reservoir.  Caught on a 8 weight Sage rod and his own secret carp fly.

Just drop  the fly in front of the crusing fish, wait for him to tip down and suck it in. Set the hook quickly or he will spit the fly out. "This was just one of many I caught that day."

trophy rainbow. flyfishingthings.com

Steve Gardner with 20" rainbow taken from private water in North Park Colorado. Caught with a 5wt Sage RPL rod and Olive drake size 12 dry fly.  "This was a beautifal fall day I'll never forget because not only did I catch lots of beautiful rainbows but I was also able to experience it with my best buddy Ross Welsing."

Big Pira Pica from Peru.  flyfishingthings.com

I was told this was the largest or for sure one of the largest Pira Pita caught all season.  Very hard fighter. They eat very large dry flies tied on size one saltwater hooks.  Did not have the opportunity to catch any yellow Pira Pita or Pacu because of the water conditions but was thrilled to catch this one. 

Golden dorado argentina. flyfishingthings.comHey Steve, We had an opportunity to go to Argentina and extend the trip to fish for
Golden Dorado in the northern tropical region.  It was late in the season but we managed to have a couple good days. Most of them were not even half the size of the ones in this photo. Ross



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