Fly Fishing is Drawing In More Females

Fly Fishing is Drawing In More Females.

There has been a vast increase in women reeling in fish lately. Results of an Outdoor Industry Foundation study last year showed that there are nearly 3,500,000 females who partake in fly fishing in the USA, which is an increase of two hundred thousand women in the last 4 years.

These numbers are great news to Robert Ramsay, who happens to be the president of the American Fly Fishers Trade Association.

“We all know that mothers control vacation destinations,” Ramsay joked. “If we can entice mothers to take their families fishing, that would be great.”
“Fly fishing has this stigma of being a cigar-smoking, good-old-boys type club. It would be great to change that image.”
The International Women’s Fly Fishers organization has organized forty-two women’s clubs in places like California all the way over to New Zealand. “You have companies making waders and boots just for women and rod makers designing rods to fit the smaller hands of ladies – I’d say ladies are discovering fly fishing,” stated Pat Magnuson, vice president of IWFF. “It’s fascinating to see the interest.”

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