Laguna Madre Fly Fishing

We drove 60 miles on the sand to get to a jetty on Laguna Madre.

The first night we were there it was perfect out and the tarpon were rolling all over and feeding heavy. There were sea turtles and a ton of bait.

The area we fished was facing the gulf and had a monster jetty. We’d had a major cold front move through overnight and the wind made the gulf surf rise to like 10ft or better!

We still managed to catch three more tarpon on flies on day two looking for the rollers and stripping baitfish patterns. The drive back was nuts because the beach had been washed out by the tidal surge generated by the weather and we were down to a gallon and a half of fuel by the time we made it back on pavement and to a gas station.

There were some Spanish mackerel blitzing and I caught a couple of big redfish on gear. The tarpon were not having anything but flies…. I’ll clue you in more when I get back!

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