The Dahlberg Diver Fly Tying Video Review

OK, so this has gotten a little nuts… but oh well. My brother and I worshiped Larry Dahlberg and the Hunt for Big Fish. This is what happened. I butcher the fly a little, and I can tell you, trimming one of these things in a mask is a nightmare (no depth perception). But it was worth it

Bottom line: These flies work. One of my favorite quotes from Larry came out of a bass pattern book Hot Bass Flies, by Deke Meyer where Dahlberg talks about fishing the Diving Bug on a sinking fly line adjacent to deep structure, working it horizontally and vertically through the water column:

If I wanted to turn them in, I would have at least twelve to fifteen world records that I’ve caught using this technique. Doing this, I’ve caught muskies over thirty pounds, an eighteen pound tiger fish on the Zambezi River when the world record at that time was seven pounds on the fly. In Tierra Del Fuego, in five consecutive casts, I hooked browns over twenty pounds, after having pounded the hole using all the traditional flies and doing what the Argentines told me to do.

Dahlberg Diver
Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger size 1/0
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed thread
Tail: Four splayed saddle hackles
Wing: Strung Marabou
Flash: Flashabou
Head/Body: Hareline Deer Belly Hair Dyed Over White

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