Ontario: A Great Spot For Fly Fishing

Ontario: Another Great Spot For Fly Fishing

Many individuals who truly love fly fishing tend to have their own preferred spots around the nation, but it is likely that a lot of these people have never ventured up to Canada to catch some trophy fish. Several of the best lakes and rivers for fly fishing are in quiet, remote areas on Canada, which means that you can stay focused and concentrated when you fish. Ontario appears to have several great locations for fly fishing that are perfect for people who wish to travel in groups. This province has several lodges to choose from, but one must keep in mind that these are located in remote, secluded areas that do not have a lot of nearby amenities. Brown Bear Lake in Ontario is highly recommended as one of the best lakes for finding trophy smallmouth bass. Fish from the Brown Bear Lake area usually weigh in between 2 and 3 pounds, but it is not uncommon to find 4 pound fish during the season. Some fishers even catch trophy bass between 5 and 6 pounds every year. Another great lake in Ontario for fly fishing is Norse Lake, which is a perfect example of a secluded Canadian fly-in lake that is located in the wilderness. Norse lake is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that offers a calm atmosphere, even on a windy day. It is at this lake where one can hook trophy walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern pike. The next time you want to find a great escape for fly fishing, keep the Ontario area in mind.

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