Lake Erie Fishing

8am: Left the marina in Lorain under sunny skies. Wind forecast out of the south – which would be the best conditions. But instead, wind was actually out of the west. Choppy. Whitecaps on the water – means less than ideal conditions for fishing – but apparently good conditions for birding. Also we’d just come … Read more

Fly Fishing My Home-Town River

Cuyahoga River, North Akron near sundown. I drive out here on a lark, a place my brother took me once to catch smallmouth bass when we were teenagers. I map it on my phone and drive through parts of town I remember my mother telling me to stay out of. I watch the abandoned industrial … Read more

Fly Fishing Musky

Early fall is prime time in the Great Lakes Region! Warm temperatures (not hot) and stable river water levels make this the best time of year to scout favorite steelhead hangouts in relative solitude and catch trophy warm water species. Over looked opportunities exist for a variety of species and low water situations confine large … Read more

Fishing The Beaver Marsh

The walls of abandoned canal locks crumble, and give way to a lily pad-choked pool full of largemouth bass and bluegill. Midland painted turtles (Chrysemys picta marginata) bask on logs. Some kind of frogs croak constantly. Fish rise between clumps of weeds to snap at damsel flies. Red-wing blackbirds, cardinals and great blue herons call … Read more

White Bass In The Great Lakes

Many anglers overlook a fun surface fishery in the Great Lakes — blitzing white bass (Morone chrysops). On the East Coast, boiling striped bass will draw crowds and book guides for miles around, but their smaller (about 10-14inches) cousins are generally ignored. June through September plan look for groups of birds under schools of swarming … Read more

Laguna Madre Fly Fishing

We drove 60 miles on the sand to get to a jetty on Laguna Madre. The first night we were there it was perfect out and the tarpon were rolling all over and feeding heavy. There were sea turtles and a ton of bait. The area we fished was facing the gulf and had a … Read more