Fly Fishing In A Farm Pond

I was raised fishing these places, shallow and weedy, lawn mowed down to the water so you had access to the whole shoreline. And full of bass and bluegill. My brother and I had spent a lot of our youth casting into farm ponds. When I was just a few years old, our grandpa took … Read more

Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Services

Vermont Fly Fishing Guide Services Once again I was able to find a great resource that can help fishermen (and women) find guide services that can make a day on the lake really worthwhile. Vermont fly fishing enthusiasts may already know about this, but there is a website called VOGA that has roughly 13 different … Read more

Saltwater Flyfishing Record Breaker

Saltwater Flyfishing Enthusiast Is A Record Breaker A man by the name of Casey Cox from Carrollton, TX found an incredible spot for saltwater flyfishing. This spot has an abundance of red snapper, and when Cox heard that the benchmark was a mere 9 and 3/4 pounds, he was certain that he had a chance … Read more

Colorado Fly Fishing Guides

Colorado Fly Fishing Guides At Your Service When I was much younger my friend and his family took me on a fishing trip to central Canada for a week or so. My friend’s father had been fishing his whole life, but only at familiar lakes. This time he took us to a lake that he … Read more