Saltwater Flyfishing Record Breaker

Saltwater Flyfishing Enthusiast Is A Record Breaker

A man by the name of Casey Cox from Carrollton, TX found an incredible spot for saltwater flyfishing. This spot has an abundance of red snapper, and when Cox heard that the benchmark was a mere 9 and 3/4 pounds, he was certain that he had a chance at breaking the existing record. Casey has a home in Port Mansfield, which is an extremely hard place to find for fishing on the Texas coast. Cox leaves his twenty-three foot boat at this location, which is over four hundred miles from his upstate residence.”Earlier this summer, I accidentally found a real hot spot for red snapper,” Cox mentioned. “I spotted it on my sonar – just a huge school of fish out in the middle of nowhere. None of the charts showed any structure in that spot, and I fished there a couple of times before I ever saw anything other than fish on the sonar. I think it’s an old wreck.”Since the minimum size for keeping red snapper is fifteen inches, a lot of them are snagged before they even reach ten pounds. At this Port Mansfield fishing spot, Cox and 5 of his buddies have snagged a twenty-four fish maximum of red snapper, and each one weighed over ten pounds.Not to mention, Mr. Cox is certainly familiar with breaking fishing records. Back in August of 2001, he hooked a gray snapper weighing 10.13 pounds, which broke the state record.

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